The Haus Independens Museum is located in Port Moresby town on MacGregor Street, as you ascend Touaguba Hill.

Haus Independens was constructed in 2018 on the former site of PNG’s Old Parliament House. The building symbolizes the former parliament house after attempts to restore the original buildings failed. Use of this site originated in 1905, when the original building was constructed, as a hospital for the British population resident in Port Moresby.

During the Second World War (1942-45), it functioned as a field hospital for the Allied Forces.

Between1958-61, the building was converted to host the First Legislative Assembly. Three years later, it housed the full House of Assembly (1965 – 1975). During the years where it served as the House of Assembly, the basement was converted to the Public Museum & Art Gallery and Public Archives..

It was renamed from the House of Assembly to the National Parliament after Papua New Guinea gained Independence, from Australia, in September 1975.

Rebuilt and officially opened in 2018 as Haus Independens. The building is equipped with an exhibition space, 2 meeting rooms, and underground car parking (future development space).

Installed in the exhibition space is an exhibition titled; Their Dreams, Our Future. The exhibition showcases photographic materials, audio and visual recordings of events and highlights of the political and legal history of Papua New Guinea within a 36 year period (1948-1984), celebrating the achievement of independence.

The museum is open by invitation, arranged tours, and for events.

Opens on Monday to Friday from 9am to 3pm.