Friends of the Museum Association

The Friends of the Museum is a not-for-profit association that supports and promotes the National Museum and Art Gallery. The Friends of the Museum is provided for under the National Museum & Art Gallery Act 1992 and is in the process of being incorporated.

The Friends of the Museum Association is intended to encourage friendship and partnership with the Museum in order to help drive awareness and funding in line with NMAG’s key objectives.

The work of the Friends of the Museum is to raise public awareness about the Museum, generate interest in its collections and education programs and activities, such as new exhibitions, and to help raise funds to support the museum’s development initiatives.

The objects of the Association are:

  • To use its influence to assist the development of NMAG.
  • To obtain financial support for NMAG through projects and research, that has been agreed by the Director and Board of Trustees.
  • To maintain an association between NMAG and the community by encouraging a greater understanding of the purposes and functions of NMAG.
  • To increase the availability of NMAG educational resources to the community.
  • To maintain an association with similar organisations as part of the museum twinning programme with established high profile international bodies such as museums, art galleries and universities
  • The Friends of the Museum Association is managed by a committee and they work alongside the Board of Trustees, to carry out its functions.