This gallery is named after one of Papua New Guinea’s first ethno-botanist Ian Saem Manjep. Born around 1948 in Kaironk Valley, Simbai, Madang Province. Manjep left school after completing Grade 2 after he lost his father. Growing up with his mother, he managed to become a very skilled hunter and expert in local animal and plants.

At the age of 15, Manjep was engaged by anthropologist Ralph Bulmer and archaeologist Susan Bulmer from the University of Auckland to work as an assistant to carry interdisciplinary (anthropology, archaeology, ethno-botany and ethno-zoology) research among the Kalam and Kobon people. He proved to be sharp and highly intelligent, being able to grasp new concept with ease.

In 1968 he was offered a job as a Technician at the Department of Anthropology and Sociology at University of Papua New Guinea. Manjep and Ralph co-authored several works on Kalam knowledge including Birds of my Kalam Country (1977) and Kalam Hunting Traditions. He was awarded an honorary doctorate in science from UPNG. The gallery is named in recognition of his contribution to archaeology in PNG.